about us

We at Swasti project, firmly believe that the spaces we rest, work, walk and play in become an integral part of our lifestyle. We hold immense pride in shaping buildings adhering to its context, architecture, form and function. Based in Bengaluru, we take up turnkey construction and interior projects with an aim to provide sustainable solutions using innovative techniques and responsible construction practices.

Breaking down the mundane concrete jungle, sustainable practices have been making a bold statement. Talking about sustainability, it is the need of the hour. Considering the fact checks, the current scenario demands the reduction of environmental footprints of the building sector and this is the gap we endeavour to bridge. As the quote by Jim Rohn says; “Whatever good things we build end up building us”. Indeed yes, our buildings speak for our work and so does the process. ‘New ideas take birth when we get down to earth’ and that is how we arrive at making a building stand out. 

Buildings communicate with us by its built language, telling us to move in a specific walkway and to stop in the other, to sleep in a particular space and to gather in others. We believe that the urbanity lies in building walls to connect and to restrict. We intend to mould the built language to be communicable with the indoor and the outdoor, adapting user and earth-friendly explications.


“Our vision is to institute buildings that exist in harmony with the environment and its inhabitants.”


“To bring in a sustainable approach towards construction of buildings using innovative construction techniques, building materials and project management.”


Swarup Shetty is a Civil engineer from the BMS College of Engineering. He also holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune. His professional experience began at L&T, where he gained expertise in practical construction site management, assessment, and quality control. Post his Master’s degree, he spent the next three years at Process Architects and Planners, polishing his skills as well as learning new skills in managing complex projects, handling construction progress, ensuring timely delivery and gained first-hand experience of all the sectors in a construction venture. He is also an Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) accredited professional and KPMG six sigma green belt certified. 

Swarup, through the Swasti project, strives to carry forward practices that make the most of Sustainability resulting in minimal environmental impact and exemplary building process. 


While we look up to a building and admire its presence, it is also important as to how it has been playing a part in terms of reducing its adverse impacts on the environment.


The hand-moulded brick industry uses a massive amount of topsoil as crude material and is a significant cause of local air pollution because of emission CO, SO2, and HF during production.